Dental Check-Up

Conducting thorough full mouth examinations on a regular six-monthly basis is crucial in identifying existing problems and preventing potential problems from arising in the future.

At Fresh Dentistry, our thorough examinations involve an assessment of your oral health, looking at a myriad of areas including; jaw alignment, gum health, tooth structure and your occlusion (or how your teeth fit together).

A complete profile of your oral and general health will allow our team to identify and discuss areas of concern and prescribe the exact treatment required to resolve any dental health issues.

A full mouth oral examination may include:


Taking detailed radiographs (x-rays) enables our team to further identify existing and potential problems. Your x-rays are also an important part of your dental history helping maintain an accurate history of all treatments performed. Your records are kept in strict confidence and will not be available to other people without your consent, including other medical practitioners.


Digital x-rays emit only 10% of the radiation of traditional radiographs and require no developing chemicals, making them cleaner, safer and faster.




Oral Care

Effective and ongoing oral care is essential for achieving and maintaining good oral health. By scheduling 6 monthly check-up appointments, coupled with professional teeth cleaning by our highly qualified Oral Health Therapists, your teeth will be in pristine condition.

Professional cleaning involves a procedure called planing and scaling. The plaque and calculus are gently removed from around and under your gum-line. Calculus is very hard and cannot be removed by brushing. It is this calculus that if left untreated will often lead to periodontal (gum) disease and eventual tooth loss.

Our dental team can advise you on effective brushing and flossing or Pikstering techniques and the most suitable toothbrush for your particular needs.


Our dental professionals can advise you on health diet options. We all know how our diet affects our weight and overall health, but not many people stop to consider the impact their diet has on their oral health and teeth.

Your daily diet has a significant influence on the life of your teeth. The main cause of tooth loss in Australian adults is gum disease (periodontitis). This is an infection that begins as plaque build-up and over time results in gum swelling or redness and bone loss. If left untreated bone loss causes teeth to become loose and eventually fall out or the need to be removed due to toothache.

This progression is slow, often painless and unnoticeable, but if caught in its early stages it is reversible. A diet high in sugar and starch combined with poor cleaning of teeth can cause decay (or holes in the teeth) and gum disease. When sugar and starch come into contact with the natural bacteria in your mouth it becomes acidic. These acids attack the enamel of your teeth causing them to break down. If all these sugars and starch aren’t removed regularly they agitate the gums causing them to become red and swollen and bleed easily; this is the beginning of gum disease.

Saliva is your natural defence against this acid, but it is incapable of neutralising all of it or removing plaque. That is why it is recommended you brush at least twice a day and floss or use a Pikster once a day.

Unfortunately, many of our favourite foods are the biggest contributors; cakes, lollies, biscuits, chocolate, dried fruit and soft drinks. These types of foods stick to your teeth and need to be physically removed through correct brushing and flossing or use of a Pikster. These types of foods are best enjoyed less often and eaten soon after main meals. Brushing teeth after eating these foods or reducing the amount and concentration of acid in the mouth by eating cheese, chewing sugar-free gum or drinking and rinsing with water will reduce the chance of gum disease and tooth decay.

A diet high in fresh fruit, raw vegetables and nuts will not only be better for you but be much healthier for your teeth and gums.